Let your people choose their manager

Let your people choose their manager

This is the text of a speech I gave to Worldblu’s Freedom At Work conference in Miami yesterday: I am Henry Stewart and I run a training business based in London, England. Its called Happy Ltd and we help companies create happy workplaces. To explain what we won a Worldblu award for, let me put […]

8 Companies That Don’t Have Managers

At Happy we let people choose their managers, an idea which has been seen as very radical when I’ve spoken about it (eg, on Radio 4 last year). However there are companies that have gone a step further and got rid of managers altogether. Some are small but some are billion-dollar companies: 1) Zappos: The […]

Choose Your Manager – My Radio 4 Four Thought Broadcast

“49% of the UK working population would take a pay cut to have a different manager”. That was the fact that I started my Radio 4 Four Thought piece with. My proposal, that people should be able to choose their manager, was broadcast last Wednesday at 8.45pm and also on Sunday at 5.45am. I’ve been […]