Business is about relationships: make people feel good today

In my last post, I talked about how the principle “people work best when they feel good about themselves” should be at the core of how your company is managed. This principle can be extended to everybody you work with. My colleague Diye Wariebi, whose Digibridge company provides our technical support, gave a great example. One […]

Pre-Approve It!

What is the key to creating a happy workplace? I’ve just a written a book with what I see as the 10 key principles of a great workplace but for me one thing stands out. To find it, think about when you have been most strongly motivated and worked at your best. When I ask people […]

Opinion poll: People want to be happy at work

[do_widget text Update: The Happy Manifesto shortlisted for CMI award. And now you can get 25% off!] I was involved in an opinion poll last month which asked office workers “how important is it for you to be happy at work?” One of the answers was “Not at all. I work to pay my bills, […]

Great Workplaces Make More Money 2

Companies that focus on improving employee satisfaction, effectively in creating happy workplaces, perform better in financial terms. Two weeks ago I posted a blog on the research into the performance of companies in the US Great Workplaces list from 1998-2000. This showed that the stock market value of the companies these lists increased at a considerably greater rate […]