New Event – Free seminars with Henry in April

New Event – Free seminars with Henry in April

Henry will be hosting two free seminars here at the Happy offices in Alie Street on Monday 18th April – see below for details and how to reserve your place! 11:30am: Collaborative Hiring Following the BBC2 series ‘Who’s the Boss’, find out more about Collaborative Hiring in this seminar. Henry was a Consultant on the TV series so […]

Focus on Making Your Staff Happy

People work best when they’re happy at work. That principle is the core of everything we do at Happy (a training business in London, UK). Think about whether you agree with it. If you do, and I find over 95% of people do, then what should be the key focus of management? By simple logic, […]

One Secret of a Happy Workplace (and a Happy Marriage): Be Positive

At Happy we have always believed being positive is crucial for creating a happy workplace. Indeed being positive and supportive of others is a key requirement here. We recruit for that characteristic and it is crucial in reviews and promotion. Indeed in our early days we had a happiness swear box: if you were negative […]