For Senior Execs: New Course: Create a Great Workplace

[do_widget text Update: The Happy Manifesto shortlisted for CMI award. And now you can get 25% off!] The Happy Manifesto, with its 10 steps to a great workplace, has received widespread acclaim. Now its author Henry Stewart, founder and CEO of Happy Ltd, has joined with Nigel Paine, ex-head of learning at the BBC and […]

Focus on Making Your Staff Happy

People work best when they’re happy at work. That principle is the core of everything we do at Happy (a training business in London, UK). Think about whether you agree with it. If you do, and I find over 95% of people do, then what should be the key focus of management? By simple logic, […]

Our most radical belief on management

I often say that our most radical belief at Happy is this: you should decide who should manage people based on . . . how good they are at managing people. Because too often they are chosen on their core skill or how long they’ve been in the job. We worked with one company who […]