Work less hours, and get more done!

Work less hours, and get more done!

On the one hand we learned last week that Goldman Sachs view of work/life balance was to tell their interns to leave the office at midnight and take Saturdays off, limiting the working week to a mere 102 hours. A very different approach is being taken by Gothenberg City Council, in Sweden. In a new experiment, […]

Think Big – like Google

At the Happy Workplace 2013 conference Yvonne Agyei (Google Head of Benefits) explained Google’s Think Big philosophy. Or as she put it, “have a healthy disregard for the impossible”. Watch the video: Yvonne Agyei (Think Big is from 12:12 to 16:31) Yvonne explained how 4 years ago she went to the Board, as the newly […]

Yvonne Agyei, Head of Benefits, Google (27:38)

Yvonne has been the head of Benefits for Google Inc since mid-2009 and became Vice President in 2012. Her team is responsible for employee benefits, wellness programs, onsite clinics and the Google Children’s Centres as well as other “Googley Benefits” such as the take-out benefit for new parents. She joined Google in 2003 and among […]