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And the Venue for HW19 is….

We are excited to announce that the 2019 Happy Workplaces Conference on 13th June will be held at the Light, Friends House.

Inverting Hierarchy Within a Healthcare Social Enterprise

Healthcare is seen as being quite traditional – but at First Community Health and Care, they have created an inverted hierarchy and have extraordinary staff engagement and patient satisfaction scores. Henry speaks to Chief Nurse, Liz Mouland, to find out how they did it.

Appraisals: Is There a Better Way?

Appraisals don’t really work, argues Sophie Bryan. “Working in HR you get lots of negative feedback. People complain that they don’t agree with their manager’s rating. They especially resent getting feedback on something that happened long ago, that they are now powerless to correct.”

What If the Boss Made No Decisions?

That was the challenge that Donna Reeves explored with two store managers when she was Director of Group Internal Communications and Engagement Development at Kingfisher PLC. Read Henry’s interview with Donna to learn more.

Supercharge Your Teamwork With Superengagement

What would life be like if work was so engaging that it didn’t feel like work? Henry speaks to Nikki Gatenby, Owner and Managing Director of Propellernet, about the SEO agency’s Superengaged culture.

10 Ideas for Taking Time at Work to Reflect

If you take 15 minutes to reflect at the end of the day, you can improve your productivity by 22.8%. That’s the conclusion of a study at Harvard Business School. Participants spent 15 minutes writing in a journal to embed their learning from the day, and produced these dramatic results.

Henry Featured on Henry Stewart Talks

Henry Stewart has been featured on the Henry Stewart Talks website (not affiliated with us!) with a talk about the importance of celebrating mistakes.

[Video] Why Every Company Needs a Chief Happiness Officer

Henry was inspired by Alex Kjerulf of Woohoo! inc to change his job title from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Happiness Officer – as this better expresses what the CEO of an organisation should be doing. Watch the video to find out more.