Happy Workplaces CEO Conference

18th October in London

Featuring talks from representatives of Birchbox UK, Webmart, Happy and many more, the Happy Workplaces CEO Conference was for Chief Executives who wanted to get away from traditional top-down, hierarchical organisations, and instead shift their businesses into high-trust, high-autonomy and high-performance teams.

8 Principles From Some of the Best Workplaces on the Planet

In this 20-minute video from the 2017 Happy Workplaces CEO Conference, Pim talks about the eight trends that he and his fellow Corporate Rebels have noticed within some of the world’s most engaged workplaces, including two in detail, that you can learn from and try in your organisation.

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How Well Do Your Staff Know Your Organisation’s Finances?

How would your organisation be different if everyone knew the organisation’s finances in detail? In this two-minute video, Pim de Morre explains what happened in a cookie factory when the Director explained the costs that went into producing each bag and why he couldn’t give staff payrises.

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The Value of Vulnerability at Work

Would you invite 20 of your team round to your house for lunch? That is exactly what Simon Lawson, Chairman of Lawsons, has been doing regularly for the last six years. In this short video, Simon explains how the Values Lunches started, and how they have been contributed to creating a happy workplace.

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The COOK Model for Great Relationships at Work

How do you resolve conflict between colleagues at work? In this two- and a half-minute video, Rosie Brown talks about how Cook has implemented a model for relationships at work, and how this has helped teams to work together better.

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New addition to the CEO Conference line up

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new addition to the line up for the Happy Workplaces CEO Conference next week on 17th October. Michelle Hill, Founder and CEO of TLC: Talk, Listen, Change will be joining us to explore whether you can be a Happy social...

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