Julian Birkinshaw on alternative management models

Julian Birkinshaw hypothesising about the transition from Industrial to knowledge work. Capital and Labour were scarce in the industrial age, but efficiency drives out effectiveness because we focus too much on short term return on capital. – Effectiveness is long term – Efficiency is short term In knowledge work information is the chief resource – […]

Happy’s 2014 Cultural Planner now available

The 2014 Cultural Planner is out. Plan your year, taking full account of festivals, key secular events and dates to avoid. Print it out on A4 or A3, its an invaluable planning tool. This is the 20th edition of our Planner, originally produced as part of our commitment to encouraging cultural diversity. And we are […]

Seeking management approval

On one of my courses I had a group of staff from the helpline of a healthcare charity. Their job was to field calls, and to provide information on diabetes – principally to those with diabetes, but also to relatives of people with diabetes. They were highly motivated, wanted to do the best job possible […]

The myth of the clever manager: Lessons from Boss Swap

In 2004 a programme called Boss Swap was shown on Channel 4 in the UK. It was a spin-off from the far more popular Wife Swap. Instead of two wives swapping places, the bosses of two companies were exchanged. There were three programmes and so six bosses were involved altogether. Five of these swaps were […]

Interface – a restorative enterprise

The biggest impact most companies have on society is through the products they sell, the people they employ and the suppliers they buy from. And, of course, the effect on the environment of producing their products. If you are really committed to having a positive effect on society, that is where to start. There are […]