Case Studies

Examples of organisations successfully creating happy, productive workplaces

Work less hours, and get more done!

On the one hand we learned last week that Goldman Sachs view of work/life balance was to tell their interns to leave the office at midnight and take Saturdays off, limiting the working week to a mere 102 hours. A very different approach is being taken by Gothenberg...

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Kate Grimes – autonomy and patient care in the NHS (27:51)

Kate Grimes has risen from hospital porter to CEO of Kingston NHS. In this thoughtful presentation at Happy Workplaces 2014, Kate explains how Kingston created its values-driven culture, promotes autonomy coupled with coaching and accreditation, and poses the question “If we know this stuff works so well, why doesn’t the NHS do more of it?”

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Yvonne Agyei, Head of Benefits, Google (27:38)

Yvonne Agyei, of Google, took time while at the recent Happy Workplaces conference to tell us about the benefits structure within Google, and how Google creates happy, healthy staff. Yvonne has been the head of Benefits for...

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