I hope you are still feeling the feel-good factor, from the triumphs of Team GB to the celebration of diversity that is central to the Olympic Games. Joining in the fun, we have sought to find the most diverse organisation among our clients (and beyond), with a free course for a group of your staff as the prize. The question is:

How many countries are represented in your staff (with separate prizes for small and medium/large organisations)?

This idea was especially inspired by the World in London photography exhibition in Victoria Park, alongside the Olympics viewing area. This aims to show a picture of a Londoner from every country in the world. It is a great tribute to these people and to our amazing city. (They managed to find Londoners born in 204 different countries, only missing out on Palau and the Marshall Islands.)

And at Happy we’ve long sought to celebrate cultural diversity. We hope you have made use of our Cultural Planner, for instance.

The Most Diverse Organisations?

Trading company ED & F Man is so far the most diverse organisation to have responded, with no less than 63 nationalities working for it. Click here for their web site.

Yogamatters, with just 20 staff, reports that it has 9 nationalities. Check them out here.

Are you more diverse than this? Do you have more than 63 nationalities or, for a small business, more than 9? Do let us know and let’s continue to celebrate the rich diversity of our organisations.

The competition will last until the end of the Paralympics on 9th September. So if you think you have a diverse workforce, please email henry@happy.co.uk with the name of your organisation, number of staff,  the number of countries represented and whether we can display this on our web site.

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