Happy Workplaces Conference 2017

Since 2013 this annual case-study based conference has been pivotal in persuading hundreds of organisations to create happy workplaces.

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Happy Workplaces=Happy Customers=Happy Results

Documented first in 2011 in the book the ‘Happy Manifesto’, see details below,  there is now a growing volume of evidence that a happy workplace means an engaged workforce that is more productive and achieves better results.
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Make a difference

A lot of organisations  are committed to creating happy and great workplaces – learn about the approach they have taken
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Making it Happen

If you want to make it happen at your organisation there are are range of resources available to you including the Happy Workplace Programme
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Create happy and great workplaces

Imagine a workplace where people are energized and motivated by being in control of the work they do. Imagine they are trusted and given freedom, within clear guidelines, to decide how to achieve their results. Imagine they are able to get the life balance they want. Imagine they are valued according to the work they do, rather than the number of hours they spend at their desk.

Wouldn’t you want to work there? Wouldn’t it also be the place that would enable you to work at your best and most productive?

This website is all about creating a movement to turn every workplace into happy and great workplaces.

The Happy Manifesto, written by Henry Stewart, the founder of Happy,  is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to transform productivity, loyalty and innovation within their organizations. Learn how to create happy workplaces by reading this book and also by using the advice and guidance this website aims to provide you. Find out more about the book.

People work best when they feel good about themselves

Packed with examples and practical advice, The Happy Manifesto features ten core principles for creating happier, more engaging places to work. Click the button to learn more about the core principles
10 core principles
Henry's Blog

Henry's Blog

CEO and Founder of Happy

Henry shares his thoughts on key issues that impact the creation of happy and great workplaces. A great resource to spur new ideas.

Twitter highlights from Happy Workplaces 2016

We had a fantastic day at the 2016 Happy Workplaces Conference, which took place at Bridewell Hall on 11th May. Thank you to everyone who joined us! Here are some of the highlights from the day on Twitter.

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Want to make a fortune? Invest in happy workplaces

There is hard financial evidence that happy workplaces perform better. Alex Edmans, then at Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, analyzed the result of investing in the companies listed in the Great Place to Work listings over the last 25 years....
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Nine great companies that practice collaborative hiring

On BBC2, “Who’s the Boss?” has highlighted the benefit of involving a wide range of staff involved in deciding who to employ. I was lucky enough to be a consultant on the programme. The process gets away from individual bias, the potential recruits...
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New Event – Free seminars with Henry in April

Henry will be hosting two free seminars here at the Happy offices in Alie Street on Monday 18th April – see below for details and how to reserve your place! 11:30am: Collaborative Hiring Following the BBC2 series ‘Who’s the Boss’, find out more about Collaborative...
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Seven reasons why Collaborative Hiring makes sense

This week BBC2 will broadcast “Who’s the Boss,” the first of three programmes exploring how companies could transform their recruitment with Collaborative Hiring. See the trailer here. It goes out this Tuesday at 9pm, and the two following Tuesdays....
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Timpson: 11 steps to a great workplace

Occasionally you come across a company that is truly inspirational in what it does for its people, its customers and for wider society. At the Engage or Bust conference John Timpson inspired all of us with the remarkable story of the company he chairs. “Its all about the people and making them feel valued”.

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First Happy Workplace Ireland Conference

The first Happy Workplace Ireland conference took place in Dublin on 29th October. This was jointly organised between Happy Ltd and locally-based happiness entrepreneur Stephen Dargan of Wake Up!. (If you are interested in organising a Happy Workplace conference in...
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Epic CIC – a case study showing how Happy helped to transform their culture

Overview Kensington Youth Services was, until April 2014, part of Kensington & Chelsea Council. As such it had many of the characteristics of traditional working, of compliance and control, that is common in local government. Under the leadership of Brendan...
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Buurtzorg: no managers, just great care from a nurse-led service

Imagine a company with 9,000 staff and no managers. Imagine annual sales of 280 million euros and no Chief Financial Officer…..

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Is it time to go beyond empowerment?

For years we’ve talked about empowering people to find their own route to an agreed goal. But is that enough? Does setting the goal itself limit the possibilities?

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